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Credit at home bank

Credit at home bank

Of course, this is also the right way, because the bank knows the account details, knows the income and expenses and can calculate a loan easier and faster. Because when things get tight, your house bank can block all your accounts – and in the worst case, ruin you. Banks usually offer lower interest rates on a car loan than on a standard installment loan. Car Financing: Loan from the house bank or the Bank Auto? The loan was rejected, the house bank says NO on credit.

Credit: house bank vs. Internet access – a price-performance comparison

Credit: house bank vs. Internet access - a price-performance comparison

Loans can be requested at your house bank or online. What are the lower production costs, which banks pay the fastest? Price-performance comparison of online and offline loans. Even the house bank is familiar with its existing customers and can quickly lend a loan: The lending business of the bank branches with individual support has also been largely homogeneous for a long time.

On the one hand, this means that the longtime bank adviser neither determines the lending nor the conditions. This is done by a special evaluation software, which – as with online loans – the financial situation of the applicant and the credit bureau data checked. On the other hand, the loan is often not approved by the branch, but by a central office, which can postpone the payment by several days.

One of the advantages of the house bank: Applicants do not have to submit bank statements because the house bank has access to the account transactions. Disadvantage: The current loan interest rate will only be announced in the context of the individual interview. Online loans are requested through the web. The big advantage: After an automatic credit bureau check, the individual interest rate is already displayed on the monitor during the application process, so that even loans with a credit-rating-dependent interest rate can easily be included in the reconciliation.

Unlike bank branches, there is no caregiver for online credit that will fill you in on the application form. In addition, for many online loans, extensive documents must be created, the job printed, and the identity check performed in the post -ident procedure. For online loans with a fully digital application process, however, this workload is not required. The submission of the contract will be replaced by an electronic signature on the display.

Instant loans with this procedure can be fully claimed on the screen within 15 minutes.

Instant loans with this procedure can be fully claimed on the screen within 15 minutes.

Depending on the house bank, the credit will be credited to the recipient’s account on the same or the following SEPA day. For online loans, prices are usually lower than for branch loans. “Off” means there are markups for an undervalued credit rating.

For comparison: The direct house bank Dundes  grants loans at an effective interest rate of 3.49% independent of the creditworthiness. The bank specifies the statutory 2/3 interest rate on this scale. With a installment loan, Munter Bank demands 3.99% to 11.99% and uses interest rates depending on creditworthiness and terms.

At Intrasavings Bank, individual creditworthiness is also taken into account, but the bandwidth is between 1.99% and 4.85% lower. Conclusion: Online loans are almost always cheaper and usually faster with a digital application process.

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